Cultural Tour of the seven Emirates of UAE, is a visit to all the 7 emirates to study their culture, visiting their cities and witnessing the heritage. During the tour, we will visit all the 7 emirates of UAE, one after other, the largest Emirate is the emirate of Abu Dhabi along with its own province Al Ain, also visit to the smallest emirate of Ajman. The Emirate of Fujairah on the east coast and Ras Al Khaimah is mostly occupied by gigantic mountainous terrains. The tour will be passing through the coastal emirates of Umm Al Quwain. The tour ends with an elaborate visit to the Emirates of Sharjah. As mentioned below the tour will be starting from the most beautiful city of Dubai. A brief description of the tour is given below.


The culture (Cultural Tour Dubai) and heritage (Heritage Tour Dubai) tour is a perfect guided tour of UAE. It is not just a visit to the old cities of UAE but is a combination of the rich culture and heritage of the Emiratis. It is a known factor that UAE is one of richest countries in the world and the per capita income is again one of the highest in the world. However, the country still maintains the rich culture and heritage along with its riches.

The tour starts with the Dubai Bastakia, the diving village and the Heritage centre. We then we move to Abu Dhabi to see the Bedouin culture at the heritage village and a visit to the cultural square. One the way from Dubai to Abu Dhabi you will witness the beauty of this most modern city. We will make various stops during the tour. The journey continues from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain to the see the age old Burami, the camel market, the architectural site and the Al Ain museum. The tour will then further go towards the east cost of the country, where you will see the historical Betinah mosque, one of the oldest mosques and the ancient Khor fakkhan port. The tour continues to pass through a village which is both a part of Ras Al Khaimah and Umm al Quwain emirates. We then pass through the smallest emirate, the Ajman. Finally, we will be landing at the cultural capital of UAE, the emirates of Sharjah, the rising sun of the United Arab Emirates. In the Emirates of Sharjah, you will be visiting the Cultural square, where you would see a huge structure to place the holy book of Quran. You will witness here, the Islamic architecture, which is so beautiful and majestic. Our tour continues from Sharjah to visit the old city of Dubai, where will visit the Al Naboodah house, an ancient house which reflects the culture of this country. You get a chance to buy some lovely handwork items at the handicraft market.

The tour starts early around 8 AM and finishing by 8 pm. It is a long tour indeed, but you will cover all places of this country. Your tour guide will inform you the order of the visits of cities.